Freshmeat: Databases, RSS for Java, and a Web Services-enabled CMS



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Several releases worth mentioning on Freshmeat today:

SAP DB (Development) was released:

This release marks the end of the beta phase. It contains bugfixes, new capabilities for the SERIAL datatype, and a new WebDAV server.

See Kenneth Hunt’s entry for more info.


RSSLibJ is a Java class library designed primarily to generate RSS data in various formats, based on a simple object model. Either RSS or RDF can be generated, and custom generators can be supplied as well.

I’ve checked out the online example.  It looks really easy to generate a valid RSS feed in Java.  Here’s what’s new in 0.1.4:

This release generates validatable RSS 0.92, RDF, and RSS 2.0, as tested by

Ampoliros 3.2.1 looks interesting:

Ampoliros is an advanced and easy to use distributed PHP Web applications platform, featuring a powerful XML-RPC and SOAP interface. It is suitable as an Internet/Intranet development and deployment system. It has a very strong modular architecture and allows very fast deployment of Web solutions.

I like the XML-RPC and SOAP part.  It looks like mostly a bugfix release, though I haven’t stumbled across it before:

PHP 4.3.0 and Windows related bugs have been fixed. Various other code improvements and fixes have been made.

It looks like a solid *nuke-like (but unique) CMS in PHP.  Screenshots look extremely clean and useful.  This looks like a CMS to keep your eyes on.