Day: January 27, 2003

  • Easy CVS Server


    I finally got around to setting up CVS on one of the Red Hat 8 servers today. This is an excellent guide for doing it.

  • openMosixApplet


    The openMosixApplet allows users to see the real-time status of an openMosix cluster. It consists of a daemon which the applet connects to in order to grab the necessary info, and uses the Chart2D library.

    Very nice.  I’ve tested a 2-node OpenMosix cluster which went quite well.  I’ve recently come across a plethora of ancient hardware.  I’m thinking of setting up a diskless OpenMosix cluster, I’m just waiting for the free time to materialize.

  • Red Hat Changes Support and KDE 3.1 Released

    Two quickies from PC Linux Online: Red Hat changes their support model and KDE 3.1 has been released.

  • Rsync, baby!

    Linux Security pointed to an Earthweb article about using rsync to do backups:

    There’s a new kid on the backup software block: rsync. rsync was originally designed to replace rcp, the venerable old Unix remote copy program. Because of its sophisticated means of synchronizing and transferring file trees, rsync is widely used for mirroring Web sites. rsync transfers only the changes in files, using the devilishly clever rsync algorithm. It calculates diffs without needing both files to be present. This little bit of magic is described in the documentation accompanying the program (for those interested in such). rsync then does on-the-fly compression, making network file transfers very fast and efficient.

  • Irony

    Can anyone else see the irony in this billboard shot taken outside of the Javits center during LinuxWorld 2003?

  • Document

    Rael reports in with rumors about a new Apple product possibly called Document:

    Potentially the most interesting Apple software software rumour — especially in concert with Keynote — is Document, an MS Word killer.

  • She’s In!

    Congrats to Reverand Jim and his successfull fight with the US-Canadian border.

  • Programming at Python Speed

    Thanks to Erik for pointing out an interview with Guido van Rossum about, imagine that, Python.  There are two previous interviews also available.

  • Nvidia GeForce FX


    GeForce FX NDA lifted today, reviews are up at ExtremeTech, Tom’s Hardware, and HardOCP.  So far, it is indeed better overall than the 9700Pro, but not enough for it’s price. Perhaps NVIDIA has something up its sleeve for the long term?

  • Which Version am I Running?

    David Czarnecki:

    Note to self … If you’re going to use methods present in Java 1.4, then you better fscking run your application under a Java 1.4+ runtime.

    Amen to that.  I’ve soo been there.

  • Super Bowl

    With a few exceptions, the Super Bowl ads have been ho-hum.  Where’s the Ameritrade chimp?

    Kevin wasn’t impressed with the halftime show very much.  Neither was I.  I saw Shania live once a few years ago, and I was never quite sure if she was really singing or not.  If I had to bet money, I’d bet not.

    Hack the Planet points to the new Matrix trailer [really big quicktime]

  • Haha!


    Terry Tate: “You know you need a cover sheet on your TPS report!”

  • Parsing RSS With Java

    David Czarnecki:

    If anyone is interested, I’ve posted the XML Schema (XSD) and ant task information that I was using to generate and parse RSS 0.91 for blojsom, my soon-to-be-released-in-a-day Java port of Blosxom. All the proper elements should be there.