Day: January 26, 2003

  • Worms

    Kenneth Hunt has some great coverage of the MSSQL worm thang that recently plagued the net.

  • Weblog Censorship

    Ed Cone:

    I know there is a lot about my life I don’t include in my weblog. Some of it is too boring to share, and some of it is too interesting.

  • DC-MD-VA Blogger Lunch/Dinner/Meetup

    James Robertson wants to get some DC-MD-VA bloggers together.  I’m in!

  • JSP Error Pages

    Ack!  I was without internet all workday yesterday at the store.  I was hoping to elaborate on my Java jab this morning, but was unable to do so.  First of all, I’d like to thank Dave Johnson for creating a kickass open-source Java-based weblogging package.  I have it running behind the firewall (along with a movable type installation) to play with and test.  It’s really cool.  And it’s free.

    I do find the stack trace when something goes wrong with Tomcat to be both a beeyotch and a blessing.  It’s great if you’re trying to debug stuff or figure out which class file you’re missing, but I’d like to hide all of that info from end users.  I think it would be ideal to have a simplified error page (like this example over at devshed) for end users, and enable a more detailed error page for debugging/development (DEBUG == 1).  Just a thought.

    Andy caught the error quicky (one of those errors that does not present itself until it is live) but not quite quickly enough.  It looks like Dave is thinking of simplifying things a bit to get rid of Velocity problems.  He might want to keep Velocity available as an option over a simplified macro system just in case people want to do cool Velocity stuff on a per-post basis.