Day: January 23, 2003

  • Here I come…

    I’m out the door.

  • Off To Linux World

    I’m off to New York City in the morning.  I’m going to take a ferry into the city (there’s a ferry stop about a block from the Javits center).  Watch this space for news and updates about and from the show.

  • New Stuff from Apache

    Sam Ruby on new projects at Apache:

    James (from Jakarta), Cocoon and Web Services (both from XML).

    The Web Services project interests me, I’ll have to take a look at that later.

  • RIAA–

    Brad Wilson brings the good news:

    Hilary Rosen quits the RIAA! Could there be any better news today?

  • Parsing RSS At All Costs

    Mark’s second O’Reilly article is up:

    As I said in last month’s article, RSS is an XML-based format for syndicating news and news-like sites. XML was chosen, among other reasons, to make it easier to parse with off-the-shelf XML tools. Unfortunately in the past few years, as RSS has gained popularity, the quality of RSS feeds has dropped. There are now dozens of versions of hundreds of tools producing RSS feeds. Many have bugs. Few build RSS feeds using XML libraries; most treat it as text, by piecing the feed together with string concatenation, maybe (or maybe not) applying a few manually coded escaping rules, and hoping for the best.