Day: January 21, 2003

  • LinuxWorld Coverage

    Via Slashdot, BusinessWeek covers Linuxworld.

    I’ll be posting my blogger on the street coverage on Thursday.  I’ll be in New York City from earty to mid morning until I decide to drive home.  If anyone will be up there and would like to meet up, you know how to contact me.

  • TurboPower Open Source

    Rogers Cadenhead:

    A long-time Windows component library developer is leaving that business and releasing many of its products as open source. TurboPower will publish the products on SourceForge and provide initial guidance.

    Very cool pointer, and I like the site redesign.  The redesign probably happened a long time ago, but I’m an RSS junkie, so I didn’t notice.

  • Java/Linux

    Matt Raible:

    I dig the Linux/Java combo – it just works!

  • Russ on Moblogging

    Russ has some moblogging thoughts:

    I think unless you’re a student who’s always out and about or a mover and shaker like Joi there’s not a whole hell of a lot to moblogging. It’s more of an instant online scrapbook than a real communications medium. With blogging there’s that level of interactivity which makes it very interesting. I read blogs, I copy permalinks, I write my posts and post to them, and I check my referrers for people who posted to me. With moblogging, I take a picture, send off an email and then I’m done. There’s nothing else to do – no interaction. Photos don’t link. And browsing the web from a 2″ x 3″ screen is difficult at best.

  • The Modern Homepage

    Zenmaster Mark commenting on Sam Ruby’s blog:

    In 1995, my dog had a home page and an email address. In 2003, it seems obvious to me that she needs an RSS feed and a FOAF profile.

  • No Fluff, Just Stuff

    Erik Hatcher will be speaking at a No Fluff, Just Stuff symposium in Northern Virginia in late March.  I’ll try to rustle up the cash to attend.

  • Case Mod Backlash

    NewsForge, broadcasting a press release:

    Qli Technologies writes “Qli Linux Computers is proud to announce our newest product, dubbed “Pre-Modded” Linux Computers.

    This begs the question: what are bleeding edge geeks to do now that case modding has gone mainstream?  You can buy pre-windowed cases at CompUSA or via mail order through major companies.  You can buy your computer with a cold cathode glow preinstalled.

    I predict a back to basics push in the case modding community.  A beige-box grass-roots effort.  They’re going to do something with those old four foot high server cases.  They will be works of art, albeit minimalistic.

    Zen and the art of computer case modding.

  • Geek Girl: Linux or .NET?

    Geek GirlWired News:

    For her part, Sullivan has a theory about the mystery woman’s true geek roots.

    “I think she’s a Mac user,” she said.