Day: January 19, 2003

  • My New Digital Camera

    DSC-U20I finally did it.

    After years of having several (broken) toy digital cameras, I actually bought a real one.  It’s frickin’ tiny, made by Sony, and shouldn’t suck too much.

    The batteries are still charging.  I’ll definately be using it to cover LinuxWorld Expo this week.

    <happy digital camera dance/>

  • Downloading FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE

    I’m downloading FreeBSD 5.0-RELEASE on the off chance that I’ll get some free time to play with it.  I really like the Early Adopter documentation, it makes me feel cool.  The release notes are also fun to read while downloading.

  • NetBSD Gets pThreads!


    Jan Schaumann writes “Jason Thorpe has merged the nathanw_sa branch with -current. NetBSD now has a high performance, modern kernel thread implementation using Scheduler Activations in the main source tree. This work was performed by Nathan Williams with contributions by several other developers.”