Day: January 18, 2003

  • FreeBSD 5.0-Release

    OSNews covers FreeBSD 5.0-Release:

    The OSNews mailbox has already been flooded with submissions that the FreeBSD 5.0-Release is already present on many mirrors around the world (i386 USA mirror, Europe one), but the CDs are not present to all mirrors as we type this. 5.0-Release is the next-big-thing for FreeBSD as it includes great new features (some not even found on other OSes) like SMPng, KSE, UFS2, GEOM, MAC etc. Read here for a quick explanation on what is what. The release has two CDs, and for the minimalistic, there is a mini-distro (225 MB) with only the essential tools in it (e.g. no X11). This version will also see FreeBSD supporting more platforms, like the IA64, SPARC-64 etc.

  • 25 Years of Animal Magnetism


    “For years, our customers have asked us to make and sell various items with our animals on them. We are pleased and proud to present our first collection of official O’Reilly animal swag.” So, if you’re a geek and you know it, um, buy a t-shirt (and clap your hands if you want to, too).

  • Groove Web Services: Almost There

    John Burkhardt:

    It looks like we’re really close to shipping Groove Web Services. Things have turned out quite well. Between the beta and v1 we were able to move closer toward the feature that Jon Udell mentioned. It was tricky and it makes programming to GWS a bit harder, but the benifits are huge. Basically all we did was to move the user information out of the service URL and into a header. (Yes, more SOAP headers. Yummy!) What this does enables is the ability to share URLs obtained from GWS with other users. As long as the other user has authority to access the same resource in Groove they will be able to resolve the URL.

  • Mono Update

    Mono News:

    • Christopher Bockner has contributed a DB2 System.Data client.
    • MacOS X support on the runtime has been integrated into the distribution, and MCS works with it.
    • Zoltan has managed to get IKVM (a Java VM for .NET) to run with Mono. The HelloWorld.class runs with the Mono runtime.
  • Full Moon, Baby!

    Chris Heilman posted a sweet picture of the moon on his weblog this morning.  Rock on!

  • 802.11g Here We Come

    Good stuff from Wi-Fi News:

    Get the 911 on 802.11g, especially AirPort Extreme: My book co-author Adam Engst and I have co-written a 3,000-word article on the state of 802.11g equipment including an enormous amount of detail about AirPort Extreme: both the Base Station and the AirPort Extreme Card. This article will be available next week as a downloadable PDF with illustrations and photos, too. (And remember: we launched an Apple AirPort-specific blog earlier this week, too, for all your AirPort needs and questions.)

  • Stop It!

    Dave Hyatt (in his new MovableType weblog:

    If you’re trying to embed the Safari layout engine right now, stop it! 🙂 Don’t try to build code around these two components.