Day: January 16, 2003

  • Here comes 80211.g

    Wow.  802.11g is going to take over the world.  Just look at the prices Amazon is offering on Linksys stuff.  $130 for an access point and $70 for pci/pcmcia cards that go 54Mbit is well worth it.  Plus it’s backwards-compatible with all of your 802.11b stuff.

    This stuff has the specs and is priced right.  You’ll see me and a million other people going 802.11g.

  • Loose Coupling as Pornography

    Doug Kaye says that loose coupling is like pornography.  He also posted a table from his upcoming book: Loosely Coupled: The Missing Pieces of Web Services.  It is supposed to come out in March.  I think I’ll have to read it, because when Doug posts about web services, I listen.

  • Cool SV 25

    Greg Klebus sure knows how to cool a Shuttle SV 25.  For the record, I still haven’t managed to put my VIA Mini-ITX in a case.

  • Recursive Ant Trails

    Ken Coar:

    We could drown in metadata, flounder in a morass of connexions so voluminous that determining relevance could be more daunting than when we did it ourselves.