Are Web Services Too Complicated?



WebServices.Org notes that the W3C Web Services Choreography Working Group has been formed:

Existing specifications for Web services describe the indivisible units of interactions. It has become clear that taking the next step in the development of Web services will require the ability to compose and describe the relationships between lower-level services. Although differing terminology is used in the industry, such as orchestration, collaboration, coordination, conversations, etc., the terms all share a common characteristic of describing linkages and usage patterns between Web services.

Does the web services world need yet another spec from yet another working group?  Are we looking at a future WS-Choreography spec?

All of this complexity is making things worse, not better.  I predict that the really simple REST-like things that Sam Ruby and others have been exploring is the future of web services.  It needs to just work without complexity.

We’re already seeing a backlash of simplicity.

Yes.  I know that sometimes you need authentication, added security, reliability contracts and all that goblygook.  Other times you just want to connect your stuff, accomplish a goal, or add functionality to something.

I just want it to work.

One more thing: The WS-* specs need to talk to each other and play nice together.  From what Clemens observes, they don’t always:

Because WS-Reliability is unaware of and not integrated with WS-Routing, it is only useful as a point to point mechanism.