Day: January 13, 2003

  • LinuxWorld Blogger Meetup?

    Update: Please go to my wiki page on this subject.

    I’ll be in New York City to attend the LinuxWorld Expo for probably one (perhps more if it’s worth it, though this poor compsci student only has an expo pass) of the following days:

    • Jan 22 – Matt Croydon?
    • Jan 23 – Matt Croydon?
    • Jan 24 – Matt Croydon?

    I know that there are several NY local bloggers out there and I’m sure that many more will be converging on the Javits center for one or more of these days.  Shall we arrange a weblogger meetup/dinner/gathering?  Something like Spicy Noodles or RTP Lunch for the Linux blogging crowd that will be on hand?  How does does 6ish (1 hour after exhibit hall closes) sound?  Somewhere, I’m not sure where.  Suggestions?

    If you’ll be around one or more of these days in the general LinuxWorld Expo/New York area, drop me an email with when you’ll be around and I’ll add you to the list.

    Any RTPers?  Anyone traveling from the west coast?  Any fellows?  Any Senior Editors at Linux Journal?

    Yeah, yeah, I know this should be done wiki-style.  Perhaps this will be motivation to set one up.

  • Source Code Formatter for Weblogs

    Rogers Cadenhead:

    Useful utility for webloggers: A Source Code Formatter and DeFormatter for publishing source code in a weblog or other site. The formatter converts “<“, “>”, and other characters into HTML character entities that can be safely published (via FuzzyBlog).

  • Graffiti, We Hardly Knew Ye

    Slashdot bears the sad news: RIP Graffiti.

  • W3C Standards

    Mark Pilgrim is fed up with W3C standards:

    I migrated to semantic markup that has been around for 10 fucking years and they go and drop it. Not deprecate it slowly over time, mind you, but just fucking drop it. Which means that, after keeping up with all the latest standards, painstakingly marking up all my content, and validating every last page on my site, I’m still stuck in a dead end.

    Wait for it…

    Standards are bullshit. XHTML is a crock. The W3C is irrelevant.

    I’m migrating to HTML 4.

  • metaWeblog Clarification

    Dave posted further clarification on what to do with things like the source element in the metaWeblog API.  Here’s a word of advice to all: even if you’ve read a spec a million times, re-read it before you claim to not understand it.  It will save you from looking like a complete moron.

    Trust me.

  • Sam in Seattle

    Sam Ruby will be in Seattle in two weeks.  On an unrelated note I was in West Virginia last night.