Day: January 12, 2003

  • It’s Not Just Me

    David Johnson in response to Sam Ruby’s post about weblog APIs:

    It hurts my head too. I’d rather see a SOAP interface where everything is specified by WSDL, or a RESTLog-like interface where everything is drop-dead simple.

    I’d love to see a SOAP interface.  I love parsing some WSDL and ending up with everything I need to use it generated for me.  I’ve done it in both Java and .NET, and it’s wonderful.

    Simultaneously, I would love to see a minimalistic RESTful interface.

    I just hope that the major weblog software vendors go for it.

  • Forecast: Scattered Blogging

    Today will be a light blogging day.  I’m taking my little sister to see Avril Lavigne this afternoon and after that I’m driving my friend Adam to West Virginia.  He starts school again tomorrow.

  • PostgreSQL and OS X


    Apple’s Internet Developer has an interesting article on PostreSQl and Mac OS X. The PostgreSQL installation on OS X is examined and well as interaction with Java, Perl and PHP.

  • Mark Pilgrim’s CSS Safari Hack

    Mark Pilgrim has been looking into hiding CSS from Safari.  He has come up with a hack that can be used to deal with CSS for Safari only.

  • Nothing

    It doesn’t look like I have anything interesting to say today.