Weblog APIs



Go read Sam Ruby’s post about weblog APIs:

Why do I say it is dramatically simpler?  Let’s propose a challenge.  In the spirit of the BDG to SOAP 1.1 which exposed all of the machinery of SOAP, I’d like to request that proponents of either the Blogger API or the MetaWeblog API produce a similar BDG for their protocols, and would like to request that it include the first item from the Radio Weblog Post Module example.  I’ll start by providing a sample for RESTLogPost.

Any takers?

Has anybody implemented any clients or servers with the Blogger2 API?  I read the specs and the arguments back and forth after the specs were released, but I’m not quite sure if things were resolved.

I personally like (and have more experience with) the metaWeblogAPI since it has support for stuff like titles and anything else you want to drag out from the RSS2.0 spec.

So what else do you have up your sleeve, Sam?  Your RestLogPost sample leaves me wanting more.  🙂