Day: January 4, 2003

  • Mono News #(n+1)

    Here’s todays Mono news roundup:

    • Rachel has made Glade# use attributes so binding C# widgets to the designed widgets is now easier than ever. Alp has improved this to use implicit names as well.
    • Martin’s Mono debugger now has support for multi-thread debugging. Special feature: breakpoints can be defined in a per-thread basis now.
    • Daniel López has checked in his Apache module to integrate Mono and Mono’s ASP.NET support as an Apache module. Gonzalo has folded his new Mono hosting classes into this module (they are now shared between XSP and mod_mono). You can get the mod_apache from CVS (module name: mod_mono).
    • Mono Basic improvements: Marco has added support for more statements on the grammar.
    • Zoltan has posted his Code Coverage analysis tool for Mono.
  • Outlook Aggregator

    From: Matt Croydon
    To: Greg Reinacker
    Re: Outlook Aggregator

    Hell yeah!


  • Coloco


    I clicked on an ad at Slashdot this afternoon.  At first I thought that it was an ad for Rackspace, but it was for a company called Coloco.  Aparently they’re fairly close to me in Laurel, Maryland.  Their prices seem quite good ($50/mo for 1U colo for example).  I might have to figure out a way to justify this.  I wonder if they’re looking for any sysadmin monkeys.

  • Herbix

    Herbix 1.0-67 has been released.  Herbix is a floppy linux distro that packs http, ftp, smtp, dhcp, and irc daemons and a boatload of functionality onto that 1.44MB.  Looks like a good thing to have in your pocket if you want to serve on the go without disrupting your friend’s hard drive.  Mor details are on the freshmeat page for Herbix.

  • Mail::Box

    Ripped from the pages of Use Perl; soon to be a TV miniseries:

    Over the last 7 months, a generous grant from the Dutch NLnet Foundation enabled me to improve Mail::Box: a large module for e-mail handling. Mail::Box is designed as modern alternative to MailTools, MIME::Entity, Mail::Folder, and many more CPAN modules.

    Now it is time to reconsider and plan for the future. I would like to hear which features you need more before you upgrade your (MailTools based?) applications to Mail::Box. Could you drop me or the Mail::Box mailing list a note why you are using (or could not use) Mail::Box? With a list of users, usage, and wishes, the funding may be extended. Other conbributions are welcomed as well.”

  • Other People’s Links

    Garth Kidd has a good Python roundup (you can run it on an AS/400).

    Mark wraps up a bunch of quickies in a post titled In Brief.  What, no boxers?

  • 3.141592653589793/and/your/mother’s/ugly

    Mark is an RSS bandit:

    Dare, we don’t bother validating version numbers. You could publish an RSS feed version=”3.141592653589793/and/your/mother’s/ugly” and it would validate. In fact, I think I’m going to go do that.

  • Rdflib 1.2.0

    Phillip Pearson notes the latest release of rdflib for Python:

    rdflib 1.2.0 is now the latest stable release of Daniel ‘eikeon‘ Krech’s Python RDF parser/generator.

    This is amusing mostly because I started poking around the 1.1.5 development release a few days ago.

  • The Web Services Paradox

    Phil Waineright uncovers the web services paradox:

      1. They work because they use established, universal standards

        and yet

      2. They produce the best results in unanticipated circumstances.
  • Cable/DSL Routers

    For the record, the Netgear RP614 Cable/DSL Router was extremely easy to install and is quite configurable.  It was on sale with rebates this week.