Day: December 24, 2002

  • Open Source Databases

    LinuxWorld Australia has an article on the present and future of open source databases.

    My one sentace summary of the article: Open source databases are not 100% buzzword compliant yet, but they’re working on it. [via NewsForge]

  • Cayenne Java persistence framework

    Cayenne “Holiday Release” 1.0a5:

    A new release of Cayenne is out. It plugs a few gaps in the core functionality, fixes tons of bugs and provides a much improved documentation. Cayenne is an object-relational persistence framework written in Java. It provides tools and libraries to work with relational databases in an object-oriented way. Cayenne consists of class libraries and a GUI tool for O/R mapping and deployment.

  • Egg PC

    This morning, Slashdot linked to a ball pc, something that I (and Slashdot Japan) mentioned over a week ago.

    Old news for nerds, stuff that mattered last week.

  • Emacs Blogging

    Among things that were discussed yesterday in North Carolina: Blogger.el, post to your weblog from Emacs using the Blogger API.

  • Blogging vs. journalism

    Chris Gulker:

    Bloggers are to big media what Open Source and shareware coders are to Microsoft and Intel.

    We’re disruptive.

  • Monday Linkfest

    I roadtripped to North Carolina today to do lunch with some of the RTP bloggers.  Excellent food and great conversation.  I also did some last minute (except for me it’s just getting started) xmas shopping this evening.  Instead of any real content, here are a bunch of things that I need to read in detail:

    • Michael J. Radwin: “YHOO is buying INKT”
    • Slashdot (and the rest of the planet) announced Red Hat 8.0.96, codenamed Phoebe.  XFree updates, Moz 1.2.1, and glibc-2.3.1 seem to be the major points here.
    • Sean & Scott install .NET Server RC2 using VMWare, with Sam Gentile‘s help. (I’m downloading RC2 myself right now, will try to throw it on a lonely box when I get a chance)
    • Chris Gulker digs further into weblog statistics.
    • DSpace 1.0.1 is released.  “DSpace, currently in use at MIT Libraries, is a Java-based Open Source digital library system designed for scalability, and the long-term preservation of data (such as books, documents, and multimedia publications).”
    • Rick Klau is making me drool over the Matrix sequels.
    • Learn MIDP (J2ME) with a game.  Mental note: I need to download the wireless toolkit, as it is much sexier than the barebones SDK.
    • There is a fullblown service called Wapblogger which allows you to do much more than my whipped together WAPBlog script.
    • Sadness: Joe Strummer of The Clash has died.
    • reports that IBM is releasing its “Storage Tank” as open source.