Day: December 22, 2002

  • Java Outline Editor 1.8.10 Released (Thanks Erik!)

    Via Erik, Java Outline Editor 1.8.10 has been released.  It looks like a well-featured outliner, and also contains XML-RPC support.

    This is an outliner editor and MDI implemented in Swing. The GUI is similar to the outliner found in Userland’s Frontier. Starting with version 1.8.10, Java 1.4 is required. Previous versions require Java 1.3.

  • The LWN 2002 Linux Timeline

    LWN has put together their 2002 Linux timeline.  I’m still in January, but it should be a good read. [via NewsForge]

  • RSD Sneaks into NetNewsWire Pro

    Brent Simmons:

    I wasn’t planning for the first public beta of NetNewsWire Pro to include RSD support. In fact, I wasn’t sure I would do it for 1.0 at all.

    But then the folks who make weblog publishing systems supported it so quickly and I realized—hey, RSD is here, time to do it. So this first beta does indeed include RSD support.

  • FreeBSD 5.0 RC2 Released


    FreeBSD 5.0 RC2 has been released and the final release is scheduled

  • phpEclipse

    Josh Cooper seems to like Eclipse 2.0.2 with phpEclipse so far.

  • Flock 0.6 Released

    Flock 0.6 has been released.  Changes from the freshmeat page:

    This release of the Flock RSS Aggregator has mostly bugfixes, and minor feature enhancements. RSS 2.0 parsing has been improved, as well as handling of international characters and dates. A “Fold all” checkbox has been added.

  • NetNewsWire Development

    Brent Simmons has set up a page for developers:

    It points to things like a description of NetNewsWire’s AppleScript support, a description of the RSS clipboard formats used, a list of XML-RPC APIs and methods used, and so on.

    Go, Brent!


    Jeremy Zawodny thinks we should be able to ping google every time we update.  Why not?

  • Zeroconf

    Jeremy Zawodny:

    There’s a good article at O’Reilly Net that introduces Zeroconf (“Rendezvous” for all you Apple fans), Mutlicast DNS, and talks a bit about Microsoft’s push for Universial Plug n Play (UPnP).

    From the sound of things, Rendezvous has a chance of becoming the standard. But it’s a bit too early to know anything for sure.

    It sounds like the open source community could do well by getting behind this.  Free time aside, I’d love to play around with this extremely cool technology.

  • Cafe log and Fugly Code

    Reverand Jim looks into Cafelog:

    If you program in PHP (or any language, really), and are developing something that you intend to release to the public, please, please, please spend the little bit of extra time it takes to develop your application properly. This means using function or classes to help break down and simplify the logic in your application, using meaningful variable names, and a directory structure that makes sense. When you do, you encourage other developers to improve your product, you encourage the use of your product in ways that you never intended, and you obtain a following from developers and users alike.