Day: December 9, 2002

  • WSE

    Sam Gentile:

    Here’s the big announcement: Web Services Enhancements 1.0 for Microsoft .NET (WSE) provides advanced Web services functionality for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET and Microsoft .NET Framework developers to support the latest Web services capabilities. Enterprise ready applications can be developed quickly with the support of security features such as digital signature and encryption, message routing capabilities, and the ability to include message attachments that are not serialized into XML. Functionality is based on the WS-Security, WS-Routing, WS-Attachments and DIME specifications.

  • Power Law

    Chris Gulker:

    If you want more readers, you should become famous and, lacking that, write frequent, long posts about stuff that you know well. Encourage inbound links, but don’t worry about outbound.

  • WAPBlog

    I finally got around to implementing that proof of concept I spoke about a few days ago.  It’s a wap-based weblog editor.  I was able to post to my weblog via a email to weblog gateway while I was in florida, but it took way too many steps to be useful.  I tried to implement this a few days ago, but I stumbled across weird errors from a blogger API implementation in PHP.  This afternoon I thought I’d try again, this time in Perl.

    I hit up CPAN for Net::Blogger, which includes Net::Blogger::Engine::Userland::metaWeblog.  I stumbled around that for a little bit, as it’s been forever since I’ve used Perl for something useful.  I was able to quickly post to a test weblog from a perl script.  After that, I created a cgi script that takes info from wapblog.wml and posts it to a weblog.  Wapblog.wml is just a simple wap form and the weblog is currently hard coded in the cgi script.  A lot of stuff is hard coded and it’s quite ugly, but I will get the source out there as quicky as I can deuglify it.

    All of the heavy lifting is done by the the perl modules.  The source is about 45 lines long, but there’s lots of white space (it doesn’t look dense enough to be perl).  The WML that feeds the cgi script is about 24 lines long.  Granted, someone could do a lot more with a small cgi, but I like this solution.  It can probably be run in a hosted environment, as the only requirements are Net::Blogger and CGI.  It’s extremely lightweight.  It lets you blog on the run.  Now all I need is a cel phone with a UI that doesn’t suck.

    Here are some screenshots.  The source is now available: wapblog-0.0.1.tar.gz.  It is currently licensed under the Perl Artistic License.  That may change in the future.  Let me know if the license offends anyone.

    Logon Screen Password Entry Confirmation

  • Guess What?

    This is being posted from a cel phone using my wap-based metaWeblogAPI client. More to follow.

  • OpenBSD Wiki

    Go visit the OpenBSD Wiki at [via OpenBSD Journal]

  • Gnome2

    PC Linux Online:

    A few weeks ago, we reported on IBM’s GNOME2 Accessibility Guide. Since then, Sun Microsystems have written a user guide for the GNOME 2.0 desktop.

  • Itty Bitty Transistors


    The length of the transistor’s gate–a tiny pathway for electricity–is only 6 nanometers, or 1,000 times smaller than the width of a human hair.

  • Gateway Tablet


    The Gateway tablet is powered by Intel’s 866MHz mobile Pentium III processor and comes with 256MB of memory and a 40GB hard drive. Priced at a hefty $2,799, it includes built-in 802.11b wireless networking, a portable keyboard, a docking station and external combo drive that can play DVD movies and burn CDs.

    Ouch.  That’s almost three grand.

  • Alpha Geek, GLUE, J#

    Graham Glass on choosing to be Alpha Geek instead of CEO:

    about a month ago i made the decision to bring in a seasoned CEO to run the mind electric. it’s always tempting as a founder to stay in the CEO role, but if you’re a technologist such as myself, there is absolutely no way to run a company and continue to play a lead technical role. in addition, i’m the first to admit that michael broderick’s CEO skills are way beyond my own! it is really great to be able to focus 100% on my lead architect role.

    Graham also shipped GLUE 3.3 beta 1 on Friday and managed to get a Java app to compile with J# without any modification to the source.  That’s definately better than J++ was.  J++ makes me shudder.  The Java JVM was about two times faster than J# for what it’s worth.

  • The Evolution of Programming Languages

    Keith Devens:

    Via E7L3 (who has some problem with his site being a weblog and therefore offers no permalinks), check out The Evolution of Programming Languages (PDF).

    Keith is also thinking about writing a text editor.  He has some interesting thoughts on how to go about implementing such a project.  Good luck, Keith.

  • Truly Wicked

    Charles Miller:

    I’ve only ever written two SOAP applications. The first was “Hello World”, except it would give back a random quote from the fortune file instead of the boring Hello.

    The second was truly diabolical. It was a tunneling proxy. It tunneled TCP/IP. Any TCP/IP whatsoever. Over SOAP.

  • FreeBSD 5.0-RC1


    FreeBSD 5.0-RC1 was just released, download its ISO from an ftp server near you.

  • Extended Ramblings


    Attacking the process, or the village idiot himself, is not constructive.

  • LCDEmu

    LCDEmu is a sweet little GPL’d project that allows you to emulate an LCD device (the Matrix Orbital LCD) so that you can play around with LCDProc or develop for an LCD without having one.  This is an extremely cool little program.  Oh the things I could do with this if I had the time…

    And Curveball only has an 18 day uptime because I needed to borrow a CD-ROM from it a few weeks ago.  The VIA Eden keeps on trucking.

    There’s a perl module that should make writing to the LCD easy.  There are also lots of clients for LCDd/LCDProc out there.