Day: December 7, 2002

  • Postnuke

    Postnuke has been released.  From the freshmeat page:

    A new free banner positioning and a new banner sideblock were implemented. All modules and the core have been secured against cross site scripting and other attacks. A new visual editor with upload capabilities was enabled. A new members list was created. Hundreds of bugfixes were made. Adodb was upgraded to 2.50. Support was added for register_globals = off (for full compatibility with php 4.2x and above. Apache 2.0.x is now supported. The pnIntrusion detection system was enhanced. Admin settings were added for censor, pnAnticracker, and article display. New admin icons were added. wBloggar support was added.

  • SourceForge Gem of the Day


    Seahorse is a Gnome front end for GnuPG. It is a tool for secure communications and data storage. Data encryption and digital signature creation can easily be performed through a GUI, and Key Management operations also can be performed. This release just contains minor updates to 0.3.7, but more importantly is the beginning of the move to seahorse-0.6.0. Please use and test and send us any bug reports. Planned features for seahorse-0.6.0 are a file manager, basic key editing, and support for key servers.

  • PI

    Slashdot reports that PI has been calculated out to a trillion digits.

  • Supernova

    Kevin Werbach:

    The Supernova group blog is up and running. Moveable Type users can send posts to it automatically using the Trackback feature; others can do so manually via a Web form.




    Sometimes my government scares me.

  • Flying

    Jeremy is taking up gliding again, and blogging every bit of it.

  • PHP

    TechWeb: PHP5: Ready for the Enterprise? [via Keith who got it from LWN]

  • Down With Tables!

    Bill Humphries [a.k.a. more like this weblog]:

    [ via Zeldman ] The W3C explains how they do a three column, tableless layout on their front page.

  • You Could Learn From A State CIO

    Phil Windley’s public service tip number 1: Process is more important than results.

  • The Great Stanford Buffy Population Equilibrium Study

    I dare you to read this out loud:

    A PhD candidate in ecology at Stanford University has done an ecological analysis of humans and vampires in Sunnydale, the home of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He took some initial assumptions on rates of population growth, vampire feeding, etc and plugged them into a differential equations model. What he got was an equilibrium human population of 36,346, and an vampire population of around 18, and furthermore the equilibrium is stable. His conclusion was that even though the show’s designers are not ecologists, they managed to come up with ideas that actually made ecological sense. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see a pretty cool spiral graph of human population vs vampire population.

  • HEP, HEP!

    Mike points to HEP:

    Hep Message Server is software that transfers bits of information between different messaging sytems on the Internet. When it’s done, you’ll be able to use Hep to transparently route messages between e-mail, weblogs, and instant messaging.

    I remember stumbling upon HEP some time ago.  It looks like it is maturing.

  • Jaguar Terminal

    O’Reilly Mac DevCenter covers Learing the Terminal in Jaguar (part 1).