More Intel Compiler Coverage



CNet is a little slow to pick this one up.  Worse than Slashdot even.  Their coverage of the new (7.0) release of Intel’s C++ compiler brings a question to mind.  I know that the Intel compilers are highly regarded as being very compliant to the specs and are also pretty zippy.  My question is: does anyone use these compilers outside of an academic or research setting?  It’s not cheap (but not outrageously expensive either at $399), but from what I’ve heard it’s a great compiler.  I’m sure that most of the win32 GUI apps out there are being authored in some language with some version of Visual Studio.  What exaclty does the Intel compiler excel in?  It used to blow GCC out of the water.  With recent releases, GCC has made up some ground, but Intel still outperforms it.

Blog it or email me, I’d love to know.  Did I ever tell you that I was a big picture kinda guy?