Day: November 29, 2002

  • Mozilla 1.2

    Greg points out:

    The Lizard has landed! ‘Nuf said. Go get it while it’s hot.

  • Technorati

    Doc points to Technorati, which is tracking my blog.

  • Weblog Browser

    Phillip Pearson is working on a weblog browser of his own.  It’s not as pretty as Brent’s, but he doesn’t have Quartz and Aqua to work with.  Keep it up!

  • Coding Standards

    Chris Sells has two rules for coding standards:

    1. All code will use spaces instead of tabs.
    2. All new code in an existing file will match the existing style.

    Paresh Suthar has some thoughts on the subject:

    <Rant> Suck it up.  Your primary responsibility to the company is to write quality code.  You secondary responsibility to the company is to write maintainable code.  If you’re a reasonably talented developer, it will take you about 2 weeks to adopt a new naming/formatting convention </Rant>

  • java.blogs

    I missed the launch of the java.blogs community while I was out of town.  I see several weblogs that I read regularly, and several that I’ve never read.  Excellent work, guys.  I really do need to get around to creating channels so that I can send my java-related rantings to the community.

  • Firewall Bypass Surgery

    The Register:

    Results of a survey of software developers suggest that nearly half of all web services are being deployed outside the enterprise firewall to bridge business partners with an access route to company data.

  • Journal.NET


    For the past few days I’ve been working on a new project, called Journal.NET. (I know, what an original title?) Since I’ve taken to writing a lot more fiction these days, and not just code, I’ve also wanted to keep a journal again. But after surfing around for a bit I couldn’t find any decent journal keeping software. What does a programmer do in a case like that? Why, he writes his own, of course 🙂 In this case, I’m using VB.NET. I should have version 1.0 up here in a few days.

    Cool!  I’ll try to play around with it when he releases it.

  • Catch Up

    Pardon me while I scramble to catch up.  I need to write a semi-formal review of Prey, perhaps submitting it to Slashdot.  I’ll probably end up manually catching up on some weblogs, as I’m sure that my RSS catchup will miss a few.  It’s dog slow at work today.  Nobody visits the mom ‘n pop shops on black friday, they’re all at the mall.

  • Back

    I’m back in Maryland an actually in front of a keyboard.