Day: November 22, 2002

  • Groove Web Services

    John Burkhardt:

    In preparation for the upcoming launch of Groove Web Services, we’ve made our wsdl and xsd files available on our public server. This will give those of you who are eager to start looking at the product a chance to see how our APIs are designed. You can now read all about it on the Groove DevZone. (Note the new Groove Web Services section there).

    Read the rest of his blog entry for the gory (geeky) details.

  • Quickies

    New Scientist has an interview with Brewster Kahle, the guy that brought you the Wayback Machine.

    Phil Windley is thinking about the “communications Hub”

    OSNews announces unOS (that u is supposed to be the one that means ‘micro’) version 0.95.

    Scott Mace on micro ISPs, broadband hosting, and embedded Linux.

  • .NET Refactoring

    Chris Sells:

    .NET Refactoring Tool Enters Beta. “C# Refactory is a revolutionary new tool which enhances Microsoft’s Visual Studio.NET IDE. It performs a number of complex refactorings automatically, allowing you to shape and re-shape your code as needs arise. It also helps you identify code which needs attention by calculating metrics, from ‘lines of code’ all the way up to ‘cyclomatic complexity’. It is fully integrated with the IDE – no external tools means that refactorings are always ready at your fingertips.”

    As I’m writing a bunch of book code just now, I’m not a good beta tester for this tool, but the descriptions of what it does look yummy. I would especially love Extract Method and Rename Type.

  • Blog Resources

    Blogroots: Blog resources.

  • Phrame

    Reverand Jim has stumbled upon Phrame, which implements a modified version of the Model-View-Controller design paradigm.  Watch his weblog to see what he does with it.

  • Dive Into New Stuff

    Mark Pilgrim has been tweaking his site, and also tells his tales of XHTML1.1.  It’s top notch reading as always.

  • Think Benedryl

    This is the obligatory link to the infamous Ellen Feiss interview at Brown.

  • Brent Simmons Gets His Wish

    Well, Brent, be careful what you wish for. changed on Fri, 22 Nov 2002 09:59:12 GMT: Return an array of the most recent posts. Per recommendation from Brent Simmons.

  • Secret Project

    Dane Carlson has a secret.  Let the rumors begin.

  • Meta::Template Tweak

    Tweaked the item template on the site, added a little ~> to make the title stand out from the post a little bit.  It was bothering me.  Those in RSS-land probably won’t notice.  I also ditched a few <br>’s that were littered about, I’m a little happier with the visual part now.  My focus is on content, but having it look pleasing to at least my eye is important too.  I need to get rid of the tables in the item template, but that will have to wait.

    It looks fine in IE6 and Mozilla on Windows and fine in Mozilla under Red Hat 8.0.  The tilde looks a little silly in Lynx, and I’m slightly worried about mixing up content and visual stuff.  We’ll see

  • Mimeo

    Brian Graf pointed out one of the coolest services I’ve ever seen.

    It’s extremely rare that I have the opportunity to be as completely satisfied as a consumer as I was last night. After seeing some testimonials on the DOTNET-WEB list, I decided to give Mimeo a try.

    I took a look at the demo, and it looks wicked cool.  I’ll definately use them the next time I need a big document printed or binded.  The prices are right, the service (from Brian’s experience) sounds great, and it’s damn quick.  Is this on anyone’s killer app radar?  The prices I saw seem to be a fraction of what Kinkos charges, plus you have complete control over everything.  So cool.