Openmosix Success



I upgraded two machines at home (Queue and Borg) to the latest OpenMosix kernel, and managed to get the openmosix userland stuff up and running after I googled my hostname problem.  I ended up doing most of the work while at school today.  I’ll have to run some stress tests at some point and try to find something useful to do with it.  My next cluster-related task is to try to get openmosix running on my Red Hat 8.0 Via Eden board so I can run openmosixview and 3dmosmon running, which would be truly cool.

So far I do know that if I start a bunch of stuff on one machine, the load on the other shoots up, which is probably a good sign 🙂

Today’s project was brought to you by the word college, the letters SSH, and the program Putty.