OpenMosix 2.4.19-7 Released, Solves My Problems. Film @ 11



This is classic.  I tried installing OpenMosix on two machines the other day.  I read the docs so I could have done it by hand, but I was lazy, so I .RPM’d it.  I rebooted, selected the OpenMosix kernel.  It did not boot.  I was a little confused because the bootloader seemed to think that my hard drive was ext2fs, but in both cases it’s ext3fs.  The new release solves this problem.  From the change notes:

The most important bug that was fixed in this release is the ext3/initrd problem, which caused machines with ext3 filesystems to not boot. This release compiles and runs with gcc-3.2. The value of HZ was reverted to 100 until the userspace utilities get modified. Makefile changes include openMosix version reporting and minor code cleanups. The /proc interfaces now work with fast machines. Bugs that are still present include a locking problem which occurs when using SMP and /dev/shm, and the reported problem with ln and /mfs.

How cool is that, my problems are solved.  I think it’s time to snag some new .RPMs and see what happens.