Java and OpenMosix



It looks like Java programs utilizing “Green Threads,” which was the default before JDK1.2/1.3 will migrate to other nodes, while “Native Threads” will not.  I’ll have to see if there is a compiler or java runtime flag that will allow me to force green threads.

How about a Gump (or similar Ant) build over an openmosix cluster?  That’s what I’m thinking of…

Preliminary searching reveals that green threads are no longer available (at all I think) in the 1.3/1.4 JVM:

Version 1.1 is based on green threads and won’t be covered here. Green threads are simulated threads within the VM and were used prior to going to a native OS threading model in 1.2 and beyond. Green threads may have had an advantage on Linux at one point (since you don’t have to spawn a process for each native thread), but VM technology has advanced significantly since version 1.1 and any benefit green threads had in the past is erased by the performance increases over the years.