3 Gig CompactFlash Cards?!?!



DPReview reports that Pretec (an excellent supplier of CompactFlash cards) has upped the ante:

Pretec Electronics Corp. has announced three new high capacity Compact Flash cards. Previously their largest capacity had been 640 MB, these new cards widen their range considerably. The 1.5 GB and 3.0 GB are CF Type II, the 2.0 GB is CF Type I. These new cards are all larger than anything else on the market, the 3.0 GB card will no doubt be of special interest to digital SLR photographers who’s cameras continue to create larger and larger files as the manufacturers increase resolution year on year.

I’m sure that they’ll be expensive in the beginning, but all things come down in price.  This will become a neccesity when 11, 13, and 25 megapixel cameras become commonplace.