Good Applets ‘n Shockwave: NFL.COM



NFL Applet Screenshot Thumbnail

This is a very cool applet that I stumbled upon a few weeks ago.  I was trapped in my room, my radio does not get local American) football coverage, and I wanted to check on the local team.  I headed over to NFL.COM, and popped up something that said ‘Gameday Live!’  Lo and behold, it gives my near-realtime updates, play by play, stats, field position, other scores, and all kinds of good stuff.  I had stumbled upon a similar system last season while trying to check out a baseball game, but it looks like MLB.COM has made that service for-pay.

My hats go off to the team that put this Applet and the supporting infrastructure together.  I also thank whomever is reponsible for keeping this app ad-supported.  The Washington Redskins are currently on top of the Giants 17-10.  Now back to your regularly schedule techblog…