Apache Axis 1.0 Not Compatible with Red Hat 8.0?



This one stumped me for awhile.  I had been able to install and run Apache Axis 1.0 (under Tomcat 4.1.12) on my Red Hat 7.3 testbed.  The server and examples ran just fine, but I was not able to use Axis to build a client.  No big deal, as this was before I had done a lot of reading on Axis and web services in general, and before the Web Services DevCon.

After upgrading all of my Red Hat boxen to 8.0 (one desktop for fun and one stripped down server for test), happyaxis gave me a 500 internal service error.  I tried installing on both boxes, thinking that I had done something incorrectly.  Neither installation worked.  This evening I decided to reinstall Red Hat 7.3 on my testbed, and now happyaxis no longer throws a 500 internal service error, and is quite happy.  I am currently installing some optional components, but everything seems to be running just fine on the server side.

This was quite aggrivating.  It worked just fine under 7.3.  I upgraded to 8.0 and pulled my hair out trying to make the damn thing work.  Turns out it wasn’t me, it was my distro.  Has anyone else been able to run Axis 1.0 on Red Hat 8.0?  If so, let me know.