Mobile Web Services




IBM on Friday unveiled a set of programming tools specifically designed to bring Web services to mobile devices.

The new Web Services Toolkit for Mobile Devices (WSTK) provides developers with tools and Java-based runtime software for building Web services applications that can be accessed on three mobile devices: Windows CE-based Pocket PCs, Palm devices and BlackBerry handhelds from Research In Motion.

It’s not Java, but I’ve got pocketsoap on my PocketPC 2002 PDA, and it kicks much ass.  I’ll probably give it a whirl though.

I’ve been looking into developing for the Sharp Zarus lately.  It looks like my options are dealing with a minimalistic QT environment (I’ve never done any *nix GUI programming) or work with the equivalent of Java Applets on the Zarus.  I have a feeling that I might not be satisfied with the level of control and robustness of the Java solution.

Who knows?