The Hasselblad H1



My Hasselblad sales Rep just stopped by the store.  She had the new Hasselblad H1 with her.  It is an abosultely wicked camera.  They spent their time on it, it was supposed to be out 2 years ago.  Now it is ready.  It’s auto focus, 6×4.5cm, with a built-in AE prism and all kinds of wonderful stuff.  It will hit the streets mid December for a kit price (Body, 80mm lens, back, prism) for just under US$6000.

It’s designed to work with both the Kodak and Phase One digital backs.

When I first heard of the announcement at Photokina, I was skeptical.  Hasselblad, 645, and auto focus in the same sentance?  You really have to hold the camera to realize how much sense it makes.  It’s still a Hasselblad.

Oh yeah, it’s bluetooh-enabled.  The hack of the century would be using your Erricson or otherwise bluetooth-enabled cel phone to remotely trigger the H1.  That.  Would.  Rule.