Day: November 9, 2002

  • Google/Meta

    Google has recently cached the updated version of my weblog.  The googlebot is still choking on my blogroll.  Perhaps I should rename and relink miniXmlCoffeeMug.gif, or I might just get rid of the pictures completely.  Something like:

    Site Title [rss]
    Site Title [rss]
    Site Title [rss]
    Site Title [rss]
    Site Title [rss]

    I think I like that.  Over the weekend (Sunday) I’m going to be helping a friend with some Java, and I’m going to try to sink my teefus into the Radio Aggregator XML-RPC interface.  We shall see.

    I’m also the 77th Matt on google.  We’ll see if this changes after the googlebot crawls my content and not just half my blogroll…

  • Jetty

    (Not so) mental note: take a look at Jetty.

  • Glue to Axis

    David Watson has made the switch.

    The Apache Axis team has done a fantastic job of putting together an excellent 1.0 release. And I’m especially thrilled that I can deploy easily on jetty without the weight of a full-blown J2EE server.

    [via Sam Ruby]

  • Linux 2.6 Threading

    Jerry Cooperstein at O’Reilly’s OnLamp talks about multithreading in the upcoming 2.6 kernel:

    Recent advances in Linux’s threading implementation are expected to continue to ease migration from other Unix-like operating systems. These advancements have arrived with intense activity on two fronts. First, thread-handling improvements have greatly enhanced the kernel’s scalability even to thousands of threads. Second, there are now two fresh, competing implementations of the POSIX pthreads standard (NGPT and NPTL) set to replace the aging LinuxThreads library.

  • The Waypath Project

    Slashdot covers an announcement of the Waypath Project:

    Remember the recent slashdot story on NASA cancelling the moon hoax book? Wonder what other weblogs are saying about the subject? Launched today (in beta), the Waypath Project is an attempt to network the weblog community, connecting weblogs that share common themes, ideas, and topics. The Waypath Project’s Related Weblog Navigation engine analyzes weblog entries to determine their core conceptual makeups, compares them with one another to find out how related they are, and presents you with its best guess as to what’s related to your original input. This is done all automatically.

    The site documentation is interesting– what would you do if you were implementing a similar system?  I notice that they poll  No need to manually add my weblog.  🙂

    It’s being slashdotted, so be gentle.

  • UI

    Joe Walnes weighs in on the UI debate:

    As sad as it sounds, when I’m designing a UI and I have to think about layout, shortcut keys, MDI/SDI, menu structure, skin, tab-order, input widgets, etc – more often than not, the Outlook-way is more desirable than the right-way.

  • Java 1.4_01

    It looks like Java 1.4_01 broke something for Russell Beattie:

    ARRRGGH. Java 1.4.1_01 broke the scroll wheel in JOE. WHY??!? Frigin’ Sun, will you please get your head out of your collective asses?

    Thank goodness it’s OSS so I can go in and see what the problem is… it’s probably trying to use an old scrollwheel workaround for 1.3 and ignoring 1.4’s support for it. But still. UGH!!!

  • Clemens Vasters: Too busy to blog

    Yes, it’s true:

    Busy times. No time to blog in the past two weeks. We’re doing a major redesign of the newtelligence website, which will finally be fully dynamic, web service enabled and the new home for my blog. I’ve written a news aggregation service using all the good stuff in the .NET Framework and a bunch of ASP.NET controls for this.

  • Radio Aggregator XML-RPC interface API

    A quick roundup of the Aggregator API:

    • Aggregator API page at Userland
    • First radio-dev thread about implementation, including how to update Radio to test
    • Information on the API glue scripts
    • New features/things chaging
      • aggregator.getLastScanInfo (username, password) returns struct
      • aggregator.getRecentItems (numberOfItems, username, password) returns struct
      • aggregator.getItem (itemId, username, password) returns struct
      • aggregator.deleteItem (itemId, username, password) returns boolean
      • aggregator.deleteItems (itemIdArray, username, password) returns boolean
  • Rendezvous with your Cocoa Apps

    Mike Beam at O’Reillynet has part one of a multipart tutorial on adding Rendezvous into Cocoa apps.  Here’s the teaser:

    As Cocoa developers, what do we need to know about Rendezvous? And how can we effectively use it in our applications? These are questions that I want to answer in today’s column.