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SNAP at Forum Nokia

Posted: March 20th, 2006 | Author: | Filed under: Java, Mobile | 81 Comments »

A few years ago (mid-2004 I think) I got really excited about SNAP (scalable network application package). I haven’t heard much about it since (not that I had been looking very hard), but I saw it pop up again today at Forum Nokia, and I think it’s worth a fresh look. There’s a flash site explaining the tech, but the really good stuff looks like it just hit Forum Nokia:

I really wish that I had enough time to read all this stuff, since it’s absolutely fascinating to me. I’ll try to download a couple of these to my 770 and read them when I get a chance. It looks like some really sweet stuff has been done with SNAP while I haven’t been looking. In particular, Nitro Spin Racer reminds me of RC Pro-Am and I so want to play it. There are a couple of other games that look pretty compelling too.

81 Comments on “SNAP at Forum Nokia”

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