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Skipping Startup School

Posted: October 11th, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: Projects, Weblogs | 7 Comments »

I managed to get past the hall monitors and was accepted to Startup School but had to skip it due to scheduling. I’ll be keeping an eye on the blogosphere and the notes that come out of the daylong event. I was particularly interested in attending as a guy who is constantly on the edge but doesn’t always realize it until similar products or services come out a year or two down the road. I did moblogging back in 2002 on my POS WAP-only Sprintphone and have worked on countless other small projects. Every once in awhile I reminisce with Russ about that big new thing that he or I had tinkered with but not got off the ground a year or two ago. I was definitely looking forward to peeking behind the curtain a bit, but hopefully some attendees will be kind enough to write up their experiences.

In other news, you might get an idea of what Aaron and Infogami is up to if you visit the Startup School Wiki

7 Comments on “Skipping Startup School”

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