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WSDL for Series 80

Posted: August 3rd, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: .NET, Mobile, Python | 4 Comments »

I just saw the the Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard fly by my aggregator:

The Nokia WSDL-to-C++ Wizard is a Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 .NET add-in that creates Symbian C++ code for accessing a web service described by a WSDL file. The code generated by the wizard uses the Service Development API of the Nokia Series 80 Second Edition developer platform and the generated code can therefore only be used on S80 2nd edition compatible phones. The preferred way to use the wizard is together with the Nokia Developer’s Suite for Symbian OS 1.1.

This should broaden the horizons for C++ app devs targeting Series 80 2nd edition. I’m a big fan of RESTian web services, especially on a mobile device. I wonder how much work it would take to get one of these SOAP toolkits running on Python for Series 60.

4 Comments on “WSDL for Series 80”

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