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Python For Series 60: 1.1.0 Pre-Alpha

Posted: June 3rd, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: Mobile, Projects, Python | 9 Comments »

There’s a new version out, 1.1.0 Pre-Alpha. Grab the .SIS installer for first edition devices (3650, N-Gage, etc) or for 2nd edition devices. Don’t forget to pick up the first edition or second edition SDK

I’ll read over the new API docs tonight and hope to find all kinds of juicy morsels.

Update: Erik Smartt fills in some details on his weblog. Thanks again to the whole Python for Series 60 team for all the hard work.

9 Comments on “Python For Series 60: 1.1.0 Pre-Alpha”

  1. 1 dda\'s weblog said at 4:17 pm on June 5th, 2005: Python 1.1.0 for Nokia
    I haven’t had the time to play with Nokia’s Python in a while – which is too bad, since it is very nice – but here’s a new incentive: Via Matt Croydon, Nokia has released a new version of Python for Series 60, dubbed PreAlpha 1.1.0.
    The new Pyt…

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