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More Maemo Madness

Posted: May 31st, 2005 | Author: | Filed under: Linux, Mobile, Open Source, Projects | 26 Comments »

Calcoo, an RPN and algebraic calculator
Gnuboy 3x zoom
Gnuboy, zoomed 3x using xgnuboy.
VTE terminal emulator.

More successful builds on Maemo x86 today. I’m still in the information gathering stage, trying to find projects that are worth spending more time on doing “proper” hildonization to. All of the above screenshots were derived from downloading a source tarball and running ./configure and make, nothing more. VTE was exciting because it didn’t fail out on dependencies that I can’t easily provide and with run-standalone.sh the soft keyboard just popped up. Having a decent usable terminal emulator is going to be a key item for a physical 770 device. The error-free build is encouraging.

When I have some more time I would like to package some of the apps that I have been tinkering with up in .debs for distribution, but I’d like to stress that everything I’ve posted in the last few days builds on x86 with little or no modification. They’re far from well integrated Maemo apps and I’ve only tested a handful on an ARM target (I’m waiting for the next scratchbox/qemu release to do any real testing), but it’s definitely a start.

26 Comments on “More Maemo Madness”

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