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Java MessagePort Library

Posted: May 29th, 2004 | Author: | Filed under: Java | Comments Off on Java MessagePort Library

Via freshmeat, the Java MessagePort Library implements a lot of transport methods:

The Java MessagePort Library is a general abstraction for many different stream- or message-based APIs, including UDP, TCP, JMS, JXTA, BEEP, J2EE MessageBeans, SOAP, Mach IPC, SysV IPC, QNX4 SRR IPC, and shared memory. The available transport encodings include none, RMI, AltRMI, XML-RPC, SOAP, and JRML.

It is released under the LGPL, whose definition as it pertains to Java code changes almost weekly.  I’ve glanced at the javadocs, and there sure are a lot of transport protocols and message types implemented.  If you’re thinking about reinventing the wheel and LGPL works for you, this looks like an excellent library to make use of.

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