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Fixing SETI@home

Posted: October 29th, 2003 | Author: | Filed under: Web Services | Comments Off

I was having issues with SETI@home last night and this morning.  I have it set up to start in screensaved mode.  It kept trying to start up and quickly shut down, leaving a row of little green icons in my tray.  I tried starting it up in standalone mode and got an error numbered 100.  Here’s the fix from the site:

If you are unable to connect due to “100″ errors (or perhaps “41″) you may need to exit SETI@home, remove the files “result.sah” and “user_info.sah” from your system, and then restart SETI@home. This is probably fallout from the user database crash a few days ago. Sorry for the inconvenience.

That should do it, it worked for me.

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