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News Briefs

Posted: January 28th, 2003 | Author: | Filed under: Apple, Linux, Perl, Weblogs | Comments Off

Here’s a quick lunchtime roundup from my RSS feeds:

  • Mark would like to have quickies like this or his ‘in brief’ posts autogenerated.  Me too.  It’d be nice to have a section of autogenerated links at the bottom of each day (or something like that)
  • Rael is posting to his Blosxom blog with NetNewsWire Pro
  • CK Sample has a mini-review of the 12 inch Powerbook
  • Ingo wants to write a .NET column, and get paid for it!
  • Diego notes that Microsoft forgot to patch some boxes.
  • PC Linux Online notes that there is a new Gnomemeeting release.

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