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Posted: January 17th, 2003 | Author: | Filed under: Perl, Web Services | Comments Off

Here’s something interesting the flew down the freshmeat pipes today– SOAP::Clean:

SOAP::Clean is a set of modules for quickly and simply deploying SOAP client and servers. On the server-side, it is intended to enable legacy, command-line oriented applications to be made into Web Services with little or no modification. On the client-side, it is intended to make Web Services look like legacy, command-line oriented applications!

SOAP::Clean was original developed to provide a framework for computational scientists to use one another’s components, without having to download and compile each others codes. The name SOAP::Clean comes from the fact that it is designed for entire XML documents and non-XML files to be embedded within SOAP requests and responses without losing their integrety. These files are passed directly to the legacy application on the server and stored directly to disk on the client.

SOAP::Clean is not intended for implementing “servlets”. In particular, it makes absolutely no attempt to map XML data types into convenient Perl datatypes. Nor does it allow arbitrary Perl functions on the server to be invoked by SOAP requests. If you need this functionality, I recommend SOAP::Lite.



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