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Posted: January 4th, 2003 | Author: | Filed under: Perl | Comments Off

Ripped from the pages of Use Perl; soon to be a TV miniseries:

Over the last 7 months, a generous grant from the Dutch NLnet Foundation enabled me to improve Mail::Box: a large module for e-mail handling. Mail::Box is designed as modern alternative to MailTools, MIME::Entity, Mail::Folder, and many more CPAN modules.

Now it is time to reconsider and plan for the future. I would like to hear which features you need more before you upgrade your (MailTools based?) applications to Mail::Box. Could you drop me or the Mail::Box mailing list a note why you are using (or could not use) Mail::Box? With a list of users, usage, and wishes, the funding may be extended. Other conbributions are welcomed as well.”

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