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PHP CMSen: X-oops, E-Xoops, PHP-Nuke, and PostNuke

Posted: December 17th, 2002 | Author: | Filed under: MySQL, Open Source, PHP, Weblogs | Comments Off

RootPrompt.Org points to a LinuxWorld article about X-oops and E-Xoops, two PHP-based object-oriented portal packages.  It looks like both of their websites try really hard to look like *Nukes, which is unfortunate, but varlinux uses E-Xoops to look a little more unique.

Back in June I installed both PHP-Nuke and PostNuke on my Westhost (I’m quite happy with them) account while trying to find my geekblog voice.  I liked the administration interface and it was set up great for a community weblog/news site, but it was missing something.  Perhaps it was because it looked like every other *Nuke site out there.  I tried a few non-default themes, as I was too lazy to create my own from scratch, but it still looked stock *Nuke to me.  I downloaded Radio Userland in early July and fell in love with Aggregation and the more personal approach that the software allowed me to take to geekblogging.

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