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My SPARCclassic

Posted: December 17th, 2002 | Author: | Filed under: *BSD | Comments Off on My SPARCclassic

Here’s a little pic of the SPARCclassic that I bought over the weekend.  It runs at 50MHz with 48 megs of RAM and a 2 gig HD.  It runs OpenBSD 3.2, which is a really good (light weight) OS to run on this particular Sparc processor.  I have a couple of Sparc 5’s that run Solaris 8 (too lazy to upgrade to 9 so far), but 50MHz cries out for OpenBSD or NetBSD. It is resting on top of a stack of D-Link DES-3205’s, one of the nicest (but noisiest) 5 port managed 10/100 switches that you can find on Ebay for under $30 or so.  The DES-3205 doesn’t have an uplink port, but you can just use a crossover cable to link them together.

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