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DIY .NET Benchmarking

Posted: November 30th, 2002 | Author: | Filed under: Web Services | Comments Off

Werner Vogels has released his source so that you can run your own C# SciMark tests:

At popular request I have put the C# version of the SciMark benchmark up for download. Please keep in mind that this is a simple benchmark and that mainly the comparison with the Java version makes sense. For example the random number generator in the C version has no “synchronization”. If you remove the synchronization from the the Java and C# versions you will see that the performance of the Monte Carlo section is close to the C version. The zip file contains the C#, J# and C versions. The pure java version you will have to download from NIST.

If you really want to do some decent benchmarking you will later to wait until we release the microbenchmarks (threads, matrices, etc),and the ports of JavaGrande and Linpack to C#.

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